About Me

Hi! I'm Lauren McLemore.

I am a 21-year-old college student studying Journalism, Marketing, and Sociology as a senior at the University of Central Arkansas. 

I love reading, traveling, cooking with my fiancé, going for runs with my dog and most importantly, creating things that make life easier and give me time for all the other fun stuff. 

I started this gig by focusing on constructing inspiring written and visual content for many different platforms as a freelance content creator - written and visual. That is still the root of my artistry, but now, I've expanded to creating organized spaces where business owners feel comfortable and powerful using the content that I provide. 

What does that mean?

I provide services that range from a simple organization of your office features to an all-inclusive organization and rebranding that includes things like:

  • Consultation to find the best planning and organization software for your custom needs such as an interactive calendar or a simple and easy way to electronically organize invoices and receipts
  • A social media clean-up and opportunity to work with artists who specialize in branding
  • Email organization and newsletter creation
  • Blog creation
  • Application of any unused freelance content

What makes me qualified for this?

After working for my college newspaper and other local publications, I have learned that the basis of creating good journalistic written work is being able to simplify something confusing and complicated. The beauty of storytelling is being able to take pieces of a whole and organize them into language that makes sense and engages the reader by providing them with a piece of art that is easy to understand but is still professionally and beautifully written.

From the get go, I sought to create content to ultimately connect readers, followers and clients with the consumer and commercial platforms they visit with the same vibrancy that I would draw my own clients to my own platforms with.

When potential clients visit YOUR home page, they should be greeted with entertaining and effective copy and compelling images. This is what makes your business appear organized, professional and valuable.

This is what led me to the realization that when business owners have organization behind the scenes, they can better use, manage, understand and apply freelance content, like copy or photos that they've purchased. It saves them time and ensures that the money they spend on freelance work is intentional and doesn't go to waste.

I used to solely create content that taught, engaged, inspired and reached people in a way that makes them say, “This is me”, "I need that", and "I can't wait to do that." Now, I do that alongside giving business owners a space and a variety of resources to help them utilize this content better, stay organized and reach more people.

My work is about prioritizing the details by using content and organization to make sure that your client base can continue to grow - and you can continue to keep up with it.

Thank you so much for being part of my community.

Want less talk and more walk?

You are welcome to keep coming back here to read about my process. However, what you really want is to get down to business! If you've already checked out my samples and are ready to get a quote, hit the button below and let's take it to the next step!

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